Rising Ninth Graders

Dear Ninth Graders and Families,

I hope this email finds your family well, safe, and happy. My name is Carol Pizza, and I am the assistant principal at Lassiter High School. I want to introduce myself, send you a quick email, and let you all know that we are thinking about our incoming freshman. We have not forgotten about you and your transition to high school! Transitioning to high school is a big step in normal times, but we know that the transition this year is even more important. We are here for you and can’t wait to meet our new students.

The largest role in my job is creating and maintaining the master schedule for all students enrolled at Lassiter. It is a job that I take very seriously as our master schedule drives everything that we do. We want all students in the proper placement, giving them the best opportunity for success in all their classes. We spend months creating the master schedule, and we try our best to accommodate all special requests. Thank you for submitting your registration online last spring. Outstanding job!

We invite you to please take a moment to read the continuation of Assistant Principal Carol Pizza's letter to rising ninth graders for more important information.