Senior Counseling Information

The end of the year is fast approaching, and we are excited for the Class of 2019 to graduate! Please take a moment to read through some information from the counseling office.

  1. Scholarship Offers
    Lassiter requests documentation of all scholarship offers to report to the county office and for a Power Point presentation that will play at graduation. The graduation Power Point will exhibit the senior’s college and all scholarship offers (no monetary amounts included). We love showing off all that our seniors have accomplished, and students love to see their name, college logo, and scholarship offers on the Power Point, so dig into all the college information and scholarship offers that you received and please complete our Google survey.
  2. Service Cord
    If you have accumulated 200 hours of community service throughout your high school career (you need to complete at least 100 of the hours by representing Lassiter in some way,) then make sure to complete the community service form and submit it to the counseling office by April 29. 
  3. College Pictures
    Have you decided on what college you will be attending next year? Wear your school’s shirt and come see your counselor so we can take your picture for our slide show! You can also email a picture to your counselor if you already have one.
  4. Final Transcripts
    Once you have made your decision on where you will be attending school next year, come to counseling to sign your card for your final transcript. It is free!
  5. Naviance
    Please log into your Naviance account and check the college where you will attend. Also, indicate your admission decision for all schools you applied to (accepted, denied, waitlist.)