Student Contact Information for Emergencies

Lassiter High School parents and guardians: In an effort to improve communication during an emergency situation, the Lassiter administration is in the process of creating a student text-message list. Currently, there is already a separate and established database for both staff and parents. Student participation is voluntary and not required, but it will be helpful as a key piece of communication in the event of an emergency. We would only use these text messages in emergency-type situations on campus where there may be a need to send critical information out to our students. 

We had previously provided an opportunity for students to sign-up during the first week of December, but we wanted to ensure we were able to reach all students. Over the first two weeks of February, during our advisement period, we will again be asking students if they would like to be included in this communication option and if so, to input their information into a secure Google Doc form. The form is confidential and only asks for the Cobb County School District student ID number and cell phone number.

Thank you for your help and support of this proactive measure as we continue to try to maintain the safety and security of all our students, staff, and visitors.