Graduation - Campus and Parking Guidelines

To access specific information regarding the Kennesaw State University campus/parking and guidelines for the Convocation Center (where our commencement ceremony will occur), please visit the CCSD Graduation/Commencement Information page.

Please view this Kennesaw State University map for a visual of the commencement facilities and parking locations.

2019–2020 Student Parking Information

Due to construction of the new Lassiter gymnasium, parking will be limited for fall semester. As a result, we are only allowing seniors and juniors to purchase decals. It will be important to follow all parking guidelines during the school day. You must have a decal to park on campus, and we will only allow parking at Harrison Park with a decal. Students may not park in any areas that we designate as faculty parking. Please visit our Lassiter Parking Information page for complete parking details.

The Trojan Digest

The 2018-2019 edition of The Trojan Digest, our literary magazine, is now online. We are proud of our student editors and contributors. 

Summer Reading Assignments

Our summer reading assignments are now available. Please visit our Summer Reading page to check them out

2019 Summer Academy

Please be sure to check out our information for our 2019 Summer Academy from June 3 to 27. You will want to look into our summer classes if you failed an academic course during the 2018-2019 school year. For questions or additional details, please contact Angelo Ruggiero.

Senior Counseling Information

The end of the year is fast approaching, and we are excited for the Class of 2019 to graduate! Please take a moment to read through some information from the counseling office.

  1. Scholarship Offers
    Lassiter requests documentation of all scholarship offers to report to the county office and for a Power Point presentation that will play at graduation. The graduation Power Point will exhibit the senior’s college and all scholarship offers (no monetary amounts included). We love showing off all that our seniors have accomplished, and students love to see their name, college logo, and scholarship offers on the Power Point, so dig into all the college information and scholarship offers that you received and please complete our Google survey.
  2. Service Cord
    If you have accumulated 200 hours of community service throughout your high school career (you need to complete at least 100 of the hours by representing Lassiter in some way,) then make sure to complete the community service form and submit it to the counseling office by April 29. 
  3. College Pictures
    Have you decided on what college you will be attending next year? Wear your school’s shirt and come see your counselor so we can take your picture for our slide show! You can also email a picture to your counselor if you already have one.
  4. Final Transcripts
    Once you have made your decision on where you will be attending school next year, come to counseling to sign your card for your final transcript. It is free!
  5. Naviance
    Please log into your Naviance account and check the college where you will attend. Also, indicate your admission decision for all schools you applied to (accepted, denied, waitlist.)
Second Semester Exam Information

As we approach the closing of the semester and begin preparation for final examinations, please allow us to provide you with information concerning our school operations at this important time of the year.

  1. We will give students comprehensive final assessments covering the curriculum of each course in which they are involved this semester. We will give these examinations according to the schedule on top of the second-semester exam letter. Cobb County Policy does not allow exams taken early. 
  2. During the days of final assessments, each student should make every effort to be fully prepared. All classes will meet on Monday, May 20; however, you may opt to allow your student to leave at 11:30 a.m. by not returning the form below. 
  3. We will dismiss students from school at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22. Buses will run that day at 11:35 a.m. The buses will not run at 3:30 p.m. on the last two days. 
  4. We expect students to return designated textbooks by the end of the semester or make payment for lost or damaged books. Students who owe for textbooks or any other debts (uniforms, media center fines, etc.) should make arrangements to make payment before the end of the day on Thursday, May 16. We will place students who owe fines or other debts on the hold list and they will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit or receive additional textbooks for the fall semester. Please pay textbook fines in the textbook room or in room 1105. Please pay media center fines in the media center. Make checks payable to Lassiter High School. We would like to thank you for your support. We enjoy working with you, your students, and our community. 

For more information, please read the second-semester exam letter from our principal, Dr. Chris Richie.

New Gym Construction Updates

We are so excited for our new gym. We encourage you to stay informed about the construction progress.