Parking Information

Parking Information

2nd Semester Lassiter High School Parking (2015-2016)

All senior, junior, and sophomore licensed drivers may apply for 2nd semester parking in Ms. Basler’s office (at Trojan head in skylight) for $50.00 beginning December 7. Payments can be made online, by check, or exact cash. Paperwork deposited before 9:00 a.m. will be processed and ready for pickup after 1:00 p.m.

To expedite the process, please complete the following forms ahead of time (all paperwork on the LHS website) and bring them to the drop box outside of 319, all stapled together, in the order shown below:

If Getting Decal First Time: 

Print and complete the following forms. Make sure all signature lines have been filled out with both the student and parent/guardian signatures:

Attach a copy of driver’s license, current insurance card (cannot be expired), and current tag registration (cannot be expired) to your forms along with online payment receipt or check made payable to LHS or cash in the amount of $50.00.

If Registering the Same Car 2nd Semester:

Fill out the Parking Renewal Application and attach a copy of driver’s license, current insurance card (cannot be expired) and current tag registered (cannot be expired), online payment receipt, check made payable to LHS, or cash in the amount of $50.00.

If Registering a Different Car 2nd Semester:

Fill out the Vehicle Update Form and follow the above instructions.

Students who owe book, media, or parking fines have to pay them first before getting a parking decal. Pay book fines and parking fines to Mrs. Basler (office in skylight). Pay media fines in the media center. Students must bring a paid receipt before applying for a decal.

Students cannot apply for a parking decal if they had six or more unexcused tardies or seven or more unexcused absences last semester. They will have to wait until two weeks after the first day of the semester.

You will have an assigned lot. Parking in each lot will be first come, first serve each school day. Do not park in the faculty lot in front of school, in spaces marked staff, in handicapped spaces, or in spaces with lines (fire hazard).