Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement courses are college level courses taught in high schools throughout the country. The College Board establishes curriculum content, and students have the opportunity to take a year-end exam which may qualify them for college credit. Lassiter High School offers a variety of different advanced placement courses in the areas of fine arts, English, mathematics, science, career/technology, foreign language, and social studies.

Lassiter earns AP Merit School status: We received this honor as a result of having 20% or more of the student body take AP exams, and at least 50% score 3 or higher. Keep up the good work, AP students! 

For more information regarding the AP Program, please contact Adriana Gonzalez, AP Coordinator, or read more information by clicking on the links to the left hand side of this page.

*Equity and Access - All willing and academically prepared students have the opportunity to participate in AP.

AP Exam Registration Information

For students currently enrolled in advanced placement (AP) classes, AP exam registration begins August 15, 2017 and closes September 22, 2017. Please register online. You will receive a confirmation e-mail by October 6, with the total amount due. The cost per AP exam is $94 except for AP Capstone, which cost is $142. There is also a one-time $15 administrative fee per student. We will include payment options on the confirmation e-mail. Those options will include credit card, check, and payment plan options. If you have any questions, please contact Adriana Gonzalez, AP Coordinator.

Students/Parents do not have to pay for AP exams at this time; however, we do need them to register/sign up during this fall window. We are using a new system for the purpose of allowing families multiple payment options. Once you register/sign-up, your payment options will be generated and sent in an e-mail by mid-October. The final payment or payment in full is not due until February 15, 2018. After you register/sign-up and receive your payment options you will be able make adjustments if needed until February 15, 2018.

Lassiter AP Course Offerings and Teacher Contact

Lassiter is excited to offer the AP Capstone program as an engaging and challenging experience for students. College Board's newest AP venture, Capstone prepares students for the rigors of college and beyond by emphasizing research, writing, public speaking, and teamwork. Please contact Hilary Minich with questions and see below for more information.

AP Biology B

AP Lit/Comp A

AP Calculus AB A

AP Phys C Mech B

AP Studio Art: 2D Design A

AP Human Geography

AP Language (Am Lit) B

AP Coordinator

AP Lit/Comp A

AP Government US

AP Physics I

AP Computer Science B

AP World History A

AP German Language B

AP French Language A

AP Environmental Science A

AP Research

AP Human Geography B

AP Language (Am Lit) B

AP Spanish Language B

AP Psychology A

AP Microeconomics

AP Statistics A

AP Physics I A

AP Calculus BC B

AP Studio Art: 2D Design A

AP Music Theory A

AP US History B